What is a Resistor Used for

The electrical resistor is an electronic component which can be found in all electronic components.

But what does a resistor is used for and what is its role in circuits?

In this post you’ll learn what is a resistor used for in electronic circuits.

Let’s consider an electrical circuit containing a source and a resistor:


Let’s consider that voltage source is 12 V DC battery and we want to control the current flow through circuit? But how does we can control current flow?

As per Ohm’s law the current is inversely proportional to resistance for a constant voltage.

Let’s assume that we want a current flow of 5 mA in the circuit. For that we need a resistance of R = 2.4 kΩ ( R = V/I = 12 V / 5 mA = 2.4 kΩ)

So If we want a current of 5 mA in circuit, we need a resistor of 2.4 kΩ.

Similarly, we can use Ohm’s law to find the value of resistance which perfectly provides us, our desired current in the circuit, and, that is what resistors are used for.

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