20 Single Line Diagram Symbols you need to know

A Single Line Diagram or SLD is a simple visual representation of three-phase power systems. In this post you’ll learn what is Single Line Diagram and why do we need it. Our electrical power systems primarily contain three phases of AC circuits. Transmission, distribution, and power transformers are also three phases. While analyzing these systems, … Read more

AWG to MM2 Reference Table [American Wire Gauge Cables to millimeters Dia] – PDF Download Available


AWG to MM2 or mm2 table is a reference table for everyone in the electrical industry. AWG, an abbreviation for American Wire Gauge (AWG) to diameter in mm2 (square millimeter) reference table chart, is a useful hands-on tool that enables you to quickly refer mm2 from AWG or AWG from mm2. Basic AWG to MM2 … Read more

Latest Electrical and Electronics Engineering Scholarships

The scholarship is one of the best options for financing your educational expenses. This post provides a list of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Scholarships that you can apply. Scholarship Last date to apply IEEE Life Member History Fellowship for PhD Students 1 February of each year AFCEA Washington DC Chapter Scholarships 10/16/2019 Davis Memorial Scholarship … Read more

Types of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Degrees


Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the oldest branches of Engineering. Depending on the level of education, the Electrical and Electronics Engineering degree can be available at various levels. Given below are different types of Electrical and Electronics Engineering degrees. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering is perhaps one of the most … Read more

Here is what you should know about IP Rating of Lights


While purchasing fixture you might come across IP rating. IP is following by two numbers i.e. IP65, IP23 e.t.c. So what is this and why it is important for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The IP rating stands for Ingress Protection and it indicates how much a lighting fixture is protected against different agents. The first … Read more