Top 10 Types of Electrical Motors [Video]

Electrical motors are machines that convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. Electrical motors can be classified into two major classes.

  1. AC Motors
  2. DC Motors

Given below are the top 10 types of Electrical Motors:

  1. AC motors
    1. Induction motor (AC) [More about types of induction motors, Induction Motor MCQ, Induction motor vs Sync motor]
      1. Squirrel cage
      2. Wound rotor
      3. Capacitor start
      4. Capacitor run
    2. Synchronous motor (AC) [Basic Ques on Sync Motor]
  2. DC Motors
    1. Brushless DC Motor
  3. Brushed DC Motor
    1. Series
    2. Shunt
    3. Compound
    4. Permanent magnet

In this video you’ll learn the basic types of electrical motors:

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