ACSR of Aluminum conductor is the most popular and widely employed standard for power transmission. Given below are the top 10 basic concepts on ACSR Conductor.

  1. ACSR abbreviates for Aluminum conductor steel reinforced which gets its name from the fact that strands of Aluminum are wrapped around strands of steel
  2. The number of aluminum and steel strands is indicated by convention Aluminum/Steel. i.e 72/7 ACSR means 72 strands of Aluminum and 7 strands of Steel
  3. In North America, ACSR conductors are coded on the names of birds. i.e Eagle conductor has an overall diameter of 24.2 mm (approx)
  4. In the UK ACSR conductors are coded on names of animals. i.e Horse conductor has a diameter of 13.9 mm (approx)
  5. In ACSR conductor the central steel core is for providing strength while Aluminum is preferred due to its lightweight, cost-effective, and economical properties
  6. Besides ACSR, the AAAC (all aluminum alloy conductor) is another economical choice that can be employed when smaller sag is desired